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the best wordpress communities on the web and their leaders

the best wordpress communities on the web and their leaders

The Best WordPress Communities on the Web


In the vast expanse of the digital world, WordPress stands out as a beacon for bloggers, business owners, and web developers alike. Over the years, it has not only evolved as a versatile Content Management System (CMS) but has also fostered numerous communities that provide support, exchange ideas, and drive innovations. Here, we delve into the very best of WordPress communities that every enthusiast should be aware of.

1. WordPress.org Support Forums

The heart of the WordPress ecosystem, WordPress.org Support Forums, is where both newcomers and seasoned pros converge. Whether you’re grappling with themes, plugins, or a code snippet, this community teems with solutions. What makes it indispensable is the active participation of expert developers and WordPress core team members.

2. WordPress Stack Exchange

A part of the larger Stack Exchange network, WordPress Stack Exchange offers a Q&A platform for all WordPress related queries. The upvote system ensures that the best answers rise to the top, making it a valuable resource for seeking reliable solutions.

3. WPBeginner Engage Facebook Group

The WPBeginner Engage Facebook Group is an extension of the widely popular WPBeginner website. With a vast user base, this community thrives on interactions ranging from troubleshooting to best practices. It’s a space where WordPress aficionados share resources, tutorials, and experiences.

4. Reddit’s r/WordPress Community

Reddit’s r/WordPress community brings together a mix of professionals and hobbyists. Discussions here are multifaceted, from dissecting the latest WordPress news to sharing unique solutions to complex problems. The democratic nature of Reddit ensures that the most insightful content is easily accessible.

5. WordPress Meetups

Organized in numerous cities around the globe, WordPress Meetups are physical or virtual gatherings of the community. They offer a blend of casual interactions and structured presentations, making them perfect for networking and learning.

6. WPTavern

WPTavern serves as an informal watering hole for WordPress enthusiasts. It’s not just a news portal; it’s a place of vibrant discussions about the latest in WordPress, from plugins to core updates. The comment section is as enlightening as the articles themselves.

7. Advanced WordPress Facebook Group

For those looking to dive deep into the intricacies of WordPress development, the Advanced WordPress Facebook Group is a treasure trove. Here, seasoned developers discuss advanced techniques, share snippets, and debate the future of WordPress.

8. WPChat

WPChat is where discussions about WordPress get real. It offers an intimate setting for users to discuss topics that don’t fit traditional forums. Whether it’s the business side of WordPress or nuanced aspects of web development, WPChat has it covered.

9. ManageWP.org

An aggregator of WordPress content from all over the web, ManageWP.org brings the best tutorials, news, and articles to the fore. Community members can upvote content, ensuring that only the top-tier material gets visibility.

10. WordPress Slack Channels

Slack is not just for team communication; various WordPress Slack Channels exist where members discuss core developments, plugins, themes, and more. It’s a space for real-time interaction with some of the brightest minds in the WordPress realm.


The dynamism of WordPress is fueled by its passionate community. These platforms represent the crux of discussions, innovations, and solutions that drive the CMS forward. Engaging with these communities not only elevates one’s understanding but also fosters a sense of belonging in the vast world of WordPress.