inSite: An Exciting New Content Personalization Plugin for WordPress


There’s an exciting new plugin available in the WordPress plugin repository called inSite. It attempts to solve the problem of content personalization for all WordPress users. It’s got a lot of potential and we’re excited to share it (and an in-depth interview below) with our community here at the Cohhe blog.

Note: We were not paid for this post or the video interview. We just happen to think this is potentially awesome tool 🙂


inSites solve one of the biggest problems facing website owners, developers and marketers: How do I make my site more interesting, dynamic and personal in order to drive better conversion and most importantly, without it costing me huge amounts of money and time?

inSites are smart, personalized recipes that automatically CHANGE your website at pre determined TRIGGER points (such as Time, Location or Visits etc) to create a richer, more engaged and relevant visitor experience that drives greater conversion.

Download inSite | Go to Plugin Repository Page

inSite Cohhe Interview

In the video below I got the opportunity to chat with Amit Knaani, VP of Product for Duda Mobile, about inSite and the exciting new possibilities it opens up for WordPress users.

inSite Interview Highlights & Screenshots

Below I’ve highlighted some of the items we talked about in the interview for those who do not have time for the full 20 minute video.

The Basic Idea of inSite


How inSite Works in the Backend of WordPress

These screenshots should give you some good context for our conversation above. As you can see, inSite brings everything right into your WordPress backend.


inSite Library

While you can view the inSite library on the official website, it is searchable right from inside your WordPress admin. You can add a new insite from the library to your own website in a single click.


inSite Preview

You can even preview each insite before applying it.


inSite New Element Editor

If it does not come exactly as you’d like it to operate on your website, you can edit it using some pretty user friendly tools.


inSite Notification Bar Editor

One of the “flagship” insites that we mentioned in the interview above is the notification bar. Similar to the popular hello bar, except of course with insite you can personalize the content of it per user based on their behavior.


inSite Special Effect Editor

The special effect editor gives you the ability to tweak certain special touchers, like the falling hearts above, with ease. You never have to touch a line of code.


inSite Time Trigger

As you can see, setting things like the trigger timing is as easy as marking a date and time.


inSite Location Trigger

Additionally, setting a location trigger only requires that you can enter a zip code.


inSite Dashboard

Once you have created inSites they appear in the dashboard as shown above.


inSite Profile

Each person using inSite will have a profile that enables them to share their inSites with the rest of the community. This and other community interactions are facilitating via the profile section.

What Are Your Thoughts?

As I said above, I think this plugin has a lot of potential and because its brand new I’d love to see a lot of people give it a try and help provide feedback. Regardless of whether or not this particular plugin ends up being the “big content personalization plugin for WordPress” it is clear to me that content personalization is getting ready to happen with WordPress in a big way. I’m excited to see what happens!

How about you? Do you see yourself using a plugin like inSite? What excites you personally about content personalization coming to WordPress?

Please take a moment or two to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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Nathan is a professional writer and digital publisher. He's been using and writing about WordPress since 2010 and enjoys supplying useful WordPress news, reviews, tips, tricks, and tutorials. You can connect with him at his personal website or on facebook and twitter.


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    Hahaha, what’s funny about this plugin is I never knew I needed it until I read this. If it’s as easy to use as it looks this is going to be a HUGE time suck for me now!

    • Reply

      Hopefully you’ll get the hang of it quickly and it won’t take up too much time. But if you’re like me, you’ll want to tinker 🙂

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    Nathan, thanks for the super interesting talk, it was a pleasure! I am here for any feedback and comments! (BTW, analytics is out now 🙂 )