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Hashed: Pioneering Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Ventures

Hashed: Pioneering Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Ventures

Hashed: Pioneering Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Ventures


Hashed is a global venture fund with a focus on early-stage investments in the realm of blockchain and cryptocurrency. With its base in Seoul and San Francisco, Hashed is committed to backing visionary founders who are set to redefine the future of blockchain technology.

Key Highlights:

  1. Unlocking Blockchain’s Potential: Hashed comprises a team of blockchain experts and builders located in Seoul, Singapore, Bengaluru, and Silicon Valley. They are driven by the belief that decentralization, powered by blockchain, can transform the global economy and the foundational layers of the internet.
  2. Beyond Investment – Ecosystem Builders: Hashed is not just an investor. They provide extensive support to their portfolio companies, ensuring they can focus on growth. Their commitment extends beyond financial backing, aiming for the holistic success of their founders and the broader blockchain ecosystem.
  3. Global Networking and Events: Hashed is known for hosting and co-hosting pivotal events, such as the Hashed Founders Night and Korea Blockchain Week. These events foster organic synergies between their portfolio companies and partners, promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  4. Diverse Portfolio: Hashed’s portfolio companies are at the forefront of the Web3 industry, innovating in sectors like finance, gaming, and entertainment. They are identifying new opportunities and reshaping business models through blockchain and other frontier technologies.
  5. Expanding Expertise: Hashed runs three independent subsidiaries: Hashed Emergent (focusing on emerging markets), UNOPND (incubating early Web3 startups), and Hashed Open Research (researching regulations & policies). These entities aim to capture opportunities and expand the blockchain ecosystem.
  6. Contact and Transparency: Hashed emphasizes transparency, providing clear contact details for their offices in Seoul and San Francisco. They also caution visitors about potential fraudulent contacts, ensuring the safety of their stakeholders.


Hashed is a global venture fund specializing in blockchain and cryptocurrency, with a strong presence in Seoul and San Francisco. They support early-stage startups, offering more than just financial backing. Hashed is deeply involved in fostering a thriving blockchain ecosystem, hosting events, and running subsidiaries to expand their reach and impact. Their commitment to transparency and stakeholder safety is evident from their website’s content.