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Popups is a great tool for marketers but you have to be smart to use them otherwise you will annoy the user and it will do more harm than good for you. You job is to generate leads and boost your online sales and that is the reason why we created Popup Manager which you can download here. Popup Manager is an advanced tool yet simple to use and in this article, I would like to introduce it to you.

We have been working on this plugin for months and believe that it’s the best opt-in plugin for WordPress. It isn’t the standard email popup plugin that you have used to see on WordPress plugins repository. With Popup Manager you can create email subscription forms, EU cookie law notices, contact forms for feedback from users, ribbons for special deals, and much more.

We have built comprehensive live preview screen in custom administration panel where you have complete control over the design for your popups. You can change every aspect of it. Starting from shadows, borders and backgrounds to what animations they use and what triggers them.


Design window

Design window


The most important thing for when we started developing this plugin was that it has to be intuitive and easy to use. We had seen so many popup plugins which just looked awful and it was super hard to use them where you couldn’t even see how they will look until you have already put them on the page and not everyone has access to development environment where they can test things like this. So we created live design tool where you can write text directly into the popup and in the same window change all the style and see exactly how it will look for your website visitors.






Popup timer trigger

Popup timer trigger


At the moment there more than 10 triggers that you can use. At the moment most widely used is called “Exit intent” which is triggered when the visitor tries to close your website and that is the moment when you can present a special deal or subscribe to your newsletter to stay up to date.

Popup Manager popups are completely responsive but if you need greater optimization you can use “Only on mobile devices” and “Not on mobile devices” triggers to create two completely different popups for mobile and desktop users.

Using triggers is made super easy in Popup Manager.

Here is a full list of available triggers:

  • Exit intent
  • Timer (trigger message after some time)
  • Inactivity
  • After scroll
  • Only on mobile device
  • Not on mobile device
  • From a specific referrer
  • Browser
  • Visitor is logged in
  • Visitor is not logged in
  • Visitor has commented before
  • Visitor has never commented before
  • Click trigger
  • First-time visitor


Popups list

Popups list


Analytics comes as a premium add-on and is a powerful tool which you shouldn’t overlook. It is essential for effective marketing campaigns. It can not only show how each of the popups perform, it can also be used to create A/B split tests which is an important part of this add-on.

Working with them is easy, once you hit the split test button a new child popup is created which then can be edited like any other popup. Then randomly when parent popup should be shown this new child popup will be displayed to see which one performs better and you can easily determine that be checking the conversion rate. Then based on this new data you can create new popups and improve your marketing campaign even more.

Popup types

As I mentioned before, Popup Manager allows you to create many types of popups.

Here is a list of types that are currently supported:

  • Age verification
  • Contact form
  • Action bar
  • Messenger
  • Ribbons
  • Sidebars
  • Tabs
  • EU cookie law
  • Content locker


Love or hate them but popups are one of the best tools in the marketing toolbox. Although pop-ups may annoy some of your users, they can also be a significant help for your business if used properly. Target visitors that could be interested in the offer, be smart about the placement and don’t just add a popup on every page.

What are your thoughts on popups? Which features you think are the most important? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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Madars is a passionate web geek, developer and founder of Cohhe.com. Frequently researching the latest trends in digital design and new-age Internet ideas. Coffe addict. Loves MTB.


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