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    September 15, 2017 at 2:25 pm #43198

    Hi Janis,
    I hope you are ok today!
    I would ask you something on Showing in theatres block: we’d need to exclude one Movie’s Category (named Spotlight, ID 37) from dropdown.
    We checked in functions.php and we tried the proper function at line 1304:

    			function get_movie_categories() {	$values = get_terms('event_categories');	foreach ($values as $value) {		$categories[] = array('name'=>$value->name,'slug'=>$value->slug);	}	$output = '';	$output .= '<div id="dd4" class="wrapper-dropdown-4 dropdown_list" tabindex="4">					<span>'.__('All genres','seatera').'</span>					<ul class="dropdown">';	$output .= '<li><a href="#">'.__('All genres','seatera').'</a><input type="hidden" value=""></li>';	if ( !empty($categories) ) {		foreach ( $categories as $cat ) {			$output .= '<li><a href="#">'.$cat['name'].'</a><input type="hidden" value="'.$cat['slug'].'"></li>';		}	}	$output .= '</ul>			</div>';	return $output;

    How to edit this function to exclude that category?


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