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    I am trying to mimic the “Room” page in the demo so that the features of the accommodation will appear will the guests hovers the cursor over the image. I am facing 2 difficulties currently to get it done. First, difficulty is to add the parent accommodation shortcode into the designated page. However, I am not sure how to determine the ID of the parent group.

    Second difficulty is that when i try to use the following code in the vhaccommodationexcerpt field for the accommodation “Unit A”, it changes to the second code by itself. Please advise how can I get this fixed.


    <ul class=”acc-icons clearfix”>

  • <i class=”acc-icon-beacb”></i><span class=”body-bg”>Beach</span>
  • <i class=”acc-icon-pacifier”></i><span class=”body-bg”>Kids</span>
  • <i class=”acc-icon-gym”></i><span class=”body-bg”>Gym</span>
  • <i class=”acc-icon-hair_dryer”></i><span class=”body-bg”>Hairdryer</span>
  • <i class=”acc-icon-wifi”></i><span class=”body-bg”>WiFi</span>
  • <section class=”hidden-tablet”>Deluxe Class Rooms at this accommodation in Viva offer added comfort and convenience. Scandinavian-style guest rooms.</section>


    <ul class=”acc-icons clearfix”>

  • <span class=”body-bg”>Beach</span>
  • <i class=”acc-icon-pacifier”></i><span class=”body-bg”>Kids</span><i class=”acc-icon-restaurant”></i>
  • <i class=”acc-icon-gym”></i><span class=”body-bg”>Gym</span><i class=”acc-icon-phone”></i>
  • <i class=”acc-icon-wifi”></i><span class=”body-bg”>WiFi</span>
  • <section class=”hidden-tablet”>Business Class Rooms at this accommodation in Viva offer added comfort and convenience. These Scandinavian-style guest rooms feature family-friendly amenities, such as toys and a bunk bed for children.</section>

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards,

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