Whitelab WordPress Theme Changelog

Version 2.9.3

Fixed issue with opening hours not taking daylight saving time into consideration;
Fixed Translatable dates for booking calendar;
Improvement Minor responsiveness fixes and re-generated language file;

Version 2.9.2

Fixed Category default image for listings without an image;
Fixed Issues with bookings;
Fixed Calendar download issue;
Improvement Updated interact.js version;

Version 2.9.1

Fixed Display "hours of operation" field correctly if placed in contacts section on single listing page;
Fixed Fixed PHP7 related error;
Fixed "Keyword" field image issue in search form;
Fixed Fixed an issue which caused "Opening Hours" error on firefox;

Version 2.9


New feature Show users who have made payments their invoices in their dashboard;
New feature Users can send support tickets to website administrator via their dashboard;
New feature Users can now see notifications about their recent activities (added new listing, received new review, got new invoice etc.);
New feature Added booking feature. Visitors can book an appointment (can be limited to certain categories);
New feature Added menu feature. Listing author can add menu to a listing, useful for restaurants (can be limited to certain categories);
Improvement Changed keyword search listing image sizes;

Version 2.8


New feature Added Stripe payment gateway;
New feature "You might also consider" section on single listing page, only featured listings from the same category are shown there;
New feature Visitors now can see similar listings on "single listing" page map;
New feature Added "Open Now" filter in search;
New feature Visitors now can suggest improvements for listings if they spot incorrect information;
Improvement Made review system much more advanced;
Improvement Made "Hours of operation" more advanced, now user can see if at present the listing is open;
Improvement Improved "keyword" search filter;
Improvement Category marker color at map is now identical as the category color at settings;
Improvement Updated language files;

Version 2.7


New feature Added address field autocomplete;
Improvement Allow to customize amenities color;
Improvement Close mobile menu if background clicked;
Improvement Improved responsiveness;
Fixed Share icons at archive page;

Version 2.5


Improvement Improved the favorite listing query;
Improvement Users are required to confirm their email before they can login;
Improvement Updated language files;
Improvement Mobile responsiveness improvement;
Fixed Fixed issues with images while trying to edit a listing at user dashboard;

Version 2.4


Improvement The word "of" at search page is now translatable;
Fixed Fixed issue with older PHP versions;
Fixed Fixed search issue which was caused if search radius was disabled;

Version 2.3


New feature Added a tooltip for favorite actions if user logged out;
New feature Autolocate function will fill the rest of the fields at add listing page;
New feature Added captcha support;
Improvement Changed email notification from name/email;
Improvement Changed how font icons are being loaded;
Improvement Preview button at my account page is now hidden for pending listings;
Improvement Added pagination at my account "My listings" page;
Fixed Fixed an issue with listings not shown at back-end;
Fixed Minor listing rich snippet fix;
Fixed Fixed minor search page issue and added extra escape content function;
Fixed Issue that you couldn't select category icons;

Version 2.2


New feature Added rich snippets for search engines;
Improvement Changed listing taxonomy default link to the search page link;
Fixed Fixed category icon selection;
Fixed Fixed category dialog position;
Fixed Minor term link fix;

Version 2.1


New feature Added PDF invoices for payments;
New feature Keyword search field now also searches for categories;
Improvement Changed the claim listing text;
Fixed Added plugin update function to fix issues after plugin updates;

Version 2.0


New feature Allow to rearrange gallery images;
New feature Allow to create trial packages;
New feature Allow to add custom registration fields;
New feature Added listings bulk import feature via csv file;
New feature Added notification emails for user and admin;
Improvement PHP7 compatibility;
Improvement Focus dropdown search when open dropdown;
Improvement Allow to customize home page search the same way as on search page;
Improvement Improved mobile menu;
Improvement Added footer on search page if map is above search results;
Fixed Changed name from 'United States' to 'United States of America';
Fixed Fixed issue which prevented certain required messages from showing up;
Fixed Fixed issue with image sizes and settings;

Version 1.9.2


New feature Swipe feature for galleries (better UX for mobile device users);
New feature Allow to add sub-categories to listings;
New feature Listing subscription management;
New feature Allow to add advertisements on free listings;
New feature Made compatible with SSL;
Improvement Improved search animation;
Improvement Added min-height for packages;
Improvement Improved how cities on home page are added;
Fixed Input field style on IE;
Fixed Marker info window style;
Fixed Header search categories were missing;

Version 1.7


New feature Slide up search fields when scrolling down to save space for smaller screens;
New feature Allow to specify how many listings one user can claim;
Improvement Improved search loading effect style;
Fixed Removed unnecessary review form fields for logged in users;
Fixed Other bugfixes and style improvements;

Version 1.6


New feature Allow to add custom fields as sorting options;
New feature Allow to specify which countries to show in address fields;
Improvement Once user is logged in show "My account" link in header;
Improvement Use Ajax instead of page refresh for modal login and registration forms;
Fixed PayPal subscription amount;
Fixed Review validation;

Version 1.5


Improvement Improved how autocomplete works for listings;
Improvement Modal window responsiveness;
Improvement Mobile menu style;
Improvement Claim listing functionality;
Improvement Added min-height for pages so that footer always stays at the bottom of page even if there is no content on page;
Fixed Fixed styling issue with the featured listings address;
Fixed Split slider;
Fixed Add listing textarea issue;
Fixed If listing is completed then allow to renew it;
Fixed Other bugfixes;

Version 1.4


New feature Allow to assign icons to custom fields;
Fixed Review author URL;
Fixed Fixed "Thank you" page redirect;

Version 1.3


Fixed Slider Revolution margin;
Fixed Listing custom fields;
Improvement Added autocomplete for location fields;
Improvement Other style improvements;
Improvement Improved how custom fields work in listings;

Version 1.2


Fixed Removed customizer dummy fields;
Fixed Claim listing notices;
Fixed Minor select field style issue;
Fixed Single listing map marker;

Version 1.1


Fixed Increased margin for Revolution Slider error;
Fixed Improved styling for customizer hidden fields;
Fixed Fixed issue with single listing share buttons;
Fixed Directory builder custom fields label overlap issue;

Version 1.0


Initial release;

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