Snaptube WordPress Theme Changelog

Version 4.7

Improvement Made compatible with PHP7;
Fixed SQL error;
Fixed Sidebar issues;
Fixed Fixed HTTPS;
Fixed Fixed issue which caused duplicated thumbnails for images;

Version 4.6

Improvement Improved responsiveness;

Version 4.5

Improvement Minor improvements;

Version 4.4

Fixed Google maps API;
Improvement Updated Visual Composer to v4.12;
Improvement Updated contus video gallery plugin;
Improvement Updated TGM plugin;

Version 4.3

Fixed Fixed search results page;
Fixed Breadcrumb fix;

Version 4.2

Improvement Updated Visual Composer to v4.11.2.1;

Version 4.1

Improvement Made compatible with WordPress v4.5;
Improvement Updated Visual Composer to v4.11.2;
Fixed Author page videos and searched tag issue;

Version 4.0

New feature Added "by likes" sorting option;
Improvement Updated Visual Composer to v4.11.1;
Fixed Comment section for videos on mobile devices;
Fixed Author video page;

Version 3.9

Improvement Videos can be searched by their tags;
Fixed Video category page responsiveness;
Fixed Removed some unnecessary templates;

Version 3.8

Improvement Enabled "embed videos" option;
Improvement Updated Visual Composer to v4.9.2;
Fixed Pagination;
Fixed Added missing strings to language files;

Version 3.7

Improvement Social network buttons in header will now open in new window;
Improvement Updated demo data importer;
Fixed Login button on mobile devices;
Fixed Video attributes;

Version 3.5

Fixed Mobile responsiveness issues;
Fixed Compatibility issues with latest version of WordPress;
Fixed Category sorting cross browser issue;
Fixed Scrolling issue on mobile devices;
Fixed Word "address" typo;

Version 3.4

Fixed Youtube image reuploading issue (if "Upload YouTube video thumbnails
to your server" option was enabled then in certain situations images were
downloaded multiple times);

Version 3.3

New Feature Soundcloud compatibility for custom url option;
Improvement Updated Visual Composer to v4.8.0.1;
Improvement Updated Contact Form 7 plugin to v4.3;
Fixed TGM plugin updater issue with child themes;
Fixed Possible video thumbnail issues;
Fixed Video meta info for social sharing functionality;
Fixed Updated BuddyPress integration plugin;
Fixed Header search issue when it's translated;
Fixed Updated BuddyPress integration plugin;
Fixed Featured videos module issue;
Fixed Blog color scheme issue;
Fixed BuddyPress registration form "Email" field style;

Version 3.1

Improvement Added some extra font settings at Theme Option typography section;
Improvement Updated Visual Composer to v4.7.4;
Fixed Removed get the image plugin from theme;
Fixed Layout issue while breadcrumbs were disabled;

Version 3.0

New feature On single video page when page is scrolled down video will pop-up in the sidebar;
Fixed Mobile version issues;

Version 2.9

Fixed Video module issue while in VC tab;
Fixed Compatability issues with latest WordPress Video Gallery plugin v2.9;
Fixed VC tabs customization settings;
Fixed Video submit form issue;

Version 2.8

Fixed Login button for mobile view;
Fixed "Video category" page issue;
Fixed Updated Visual Composer version;
Fixed "Popular videos" page issue;

Version 2.7

New feature Added youtube social icon at header;
New feature Added ajax registration in header;
Fixed Video "mobile view" issues;
Fixed Some WordPress version 4.3 related issues;
Fixed Login button styling issue;
Fixed Image for "Other videos by" section

Version 2.6

Improvement Updated Visual Composer to v4.6.2;
Fixed "Unfollow" button styling on video categories page;
Fixed Video Category error;

Version 2.5

New feature Added Russian language files;
Improvement Improved how video pop-up works;
Fixed Safari specific video carousel scroll issue;
Fixed Added missing language strings;
Fixed Video thumbnail;
Fixed Contus widget issues;

Version 2.4

Improvement Added VKontakte icon;
Fixed Safari specific video carousel scroll issue;
Fixed Added missing language strings;
Fixed "Followed categories" issue;

Version 2.3

Improvement PageSpeed improvements;
Fixed For Youtube video images now are downloaded locally to improve the speed;
Fixed Styled single video rating;
Fixed Added missing strings;

Version 2.2

Fixed Fixed front-end video submission form;
Fixed Small bugfixes;

Version 2.1

Improvement Updated Visual Composer plugin (v4.5.3);
Improvement Updated demo import file;
Improvement Updated Video Gallery plugin;
Fixed XSS security issue;
Fixed 404 page;

Version 2.0

Improvement Updated Snaptube BuddyPress integration plugin;
Improvement Updated TGM plugin;
Improvement Updated Like/Dislike plugin;
Fixed Plugins bulk install issue;
Fixed Open video duration issue;
Fixed Youtube API issue;

Version 1.9


Improvement Added more bottom margin to blog items;
Improvement Updated TGM plugin;
Fixed Video upload success message;
Fixed XSS security issue;
Fixed Video upload settings;
Fixed Video shortcode pagination issue;
Fixed Search bug;
Fixed Login button issue;

Version 1.8


New feature Created ad space for video page using AdRotate plugin;
Improvement Improved page loader;
Fixed Fixed embedurl data for youtube;

Version 1.7


New feature Added "upload video" option to front-end submission form;
New feature Added generate button for front-end Youtube video submission form
Improvement Improved demo import process;
Improvement Updated video plugin;
Fixed Fixed issue with default layout option on single video pages;

Version 1.6


Fixed Issue with self-uploaded videos and HTML5 player;

Version 1.4


New feature Added "Follow categories" feature;
New feature Added video embed function;
Improvement Updated language files;
Fixed Responsiveness issues;

Version 1.3


New Feature Added .pot and .po translation files;
Improvement Upgraded Visual Composer to v4.3.4;
Fixed Self hosted HTML5 video issues;
Fixed Error which was caused on certain servers;
Fixed Layout issue;
Fixed Related videos issue;

Version 1.2


Improvement Improved demo import process;

Version 1.1


New Feature By default new videos are added as drafts;
Fixed Performance improvements;
Fixed Responsiveness issues;

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