Sky WordPress Theme Changelog

Version 4.1

Improvement Show favourites at author page;
Improvement Sorting and preview edit improvements;
Fixed Fixed SSL issues;
Fixed Issue with demo content import;

Version 4.0

Improvement Made compatible with latest GeoDirectory plugin;
Fixed Fixed minor issues;

Version 3.6

Improvement Updated Visual Composer to v4.12;
Improvement Updated GeoDirectory plugin;
Improvement Updated TGM plugin;
Fixed Google maps API key;

Version 3.5

Improvement Updated Visual Composer to v4.11.2.1;

Version 3.4

Improvement Added logout button at author profile page;
Improvement Updated Visual Composer to v4.11.2;
Improvement Made compatible with WordPress v4.5;
Fixed Index page title;
Fixed Add property form visual editor validation;
Fixed Listing preview and add property form validation;

Version 3.2

Improvement Added resource ID for reservations;
Fixed Empty calendar date on search;
Fixed After map is loaded check if markers fit bounds;
Fixed Login page url;
Fixed Responsiveness issues with the map;
Fixed List item order while moving map;
Fixed Single listing map loading issue;
Fixed Removed some unnecessary templates;

Version 3.1

Improvement Replaced old profile editor plugin with a new one;
Improvement Improved search MySQL queries;
Fixed TGM issue with child themes;
Fixed "More options" filter issue;
Fixed Homepage map losing it's default location;
Fixed Compatibility issues with latest WordPress version;
Fixed Advanced search issue with mobile devices;

Version 3.0

Improvement Updated Visual Composer to v4.7.4;

Version 2.9

Fixed Time picker on "Add Listing/Add Property" page;
Fixed Vimeo video autoplay issue on single listing page;
Fixed SkyDirectory send message icon;
Fixed Removed GeoDirectory review from preview;
Fixed Moved some functions from plugin and fixed import process;
Fixed Fixed logo style if it's too big;

Version 2.7

Fixed Terms and conditions taget="_blank";
Fixed GeoDirectory advanced search issue with events;
Fixed Minor image issue;
Fixed Removed GeoDirectory review from preview;
Fixed GeoDirectory autocomplete issue;
Fixed Categories on details page

Version 2.6

Fixed Advanced fields plugin issues;
Fixed Some GeoDirectory settings compatibility issues;

Version 2.5

Improvement Improved demo content import process;
Fixed Compatibility issues with last GeoDirectory version;
Fixed Geodirectory map settings;
Fixed GeoDirectory installation issue;
Fixed Some WordPress v4.3 compatibility issues;

Version 2.4

Fixed Search filter issue;
Fixed Event claim functionality;
Fixed Open event sidebar notice;
Fixed Open event data;
Fixed "Add events" page;
Fixed Listing upgrade page styling issue;
Fixed "location/me" page redirect;
Fixed Author page notices;
Fixed WPML package translation issue;
Fixed Header map initial loading issue;
Fixed Lang parameter for package buttons;

Version 2.3

Improvement PageSpeed improvement;
Fixed Added missing data in listings preview;
Fixed bbPress compatibility issue;
Fixed BuddyPress compatibility issue;
Fixed Select type field for mobile devices in listings search form;
Fixed Geolocation option at Theme Options;
Fixed Category search issue;

Version 2.2

Fixed MySQL error;
Fixed Child theme compatibility issue;

Version 2.1


New feature Made compatible with WPGeoDirectory Events add-on;
Improvement Updated TGM plugin;
Improvement Updated Visual Composer plugin (v4.5.3);
Improvement Updated WPGeoDirectory plugin (v1.4.8);
Fixed Changed how some scripts/styles are enqueued;
Fixed Styling issues;

Version 2.0


Improvement Added nearest search result option for search;
Fixed Category module search;
Fixed Calendar on mobile view;

Version 1.9


New feature Made Multi-ratings add-on compatible;
Improvement Updated Sky functionality plugin;
Improvement Updated Visual Composer plugin;
Improvement Updated GeoDirectory plugin;
Improvement Optimized code;
Fixed Price issue on the open listing page for Sky Estate version;
Fixed Added "taxonomy" as an input type for advances search filters;
Fixed Sorting order to advanced search fields;

Version 1.8


New feature Added custom post type buttons and functionality;
New feature Added plugins auto-update function;
Improvement Updated Sky functionality plugin;
Improvement Made advanced search plugin compatible;
Improvement Buddypress integration;
Fixed Search error;
Fixed MySQL error;

Version 1.7


New feature Added option to enable/disable "Add Property" 
and "User" icon in the header; New feature Added autocomplete for category dropdown; Improvement Updated Sky functionality plugin; Improvement Changed user icon when logged in; Improvement Made compatible with GeoDirectory custom post addon; Fixed Add property validation issues; Fixed Author biography style;

Version 1.6


New feature Added login/register forms;
Improvement Updated Sky functionality plugin;
Improvement Made header search map a bit more responsive for mobile devices;
Fixed Fieldset style inside open listing page;
Fixed Blog post carousel text length;
Fixed Minor responsiveness issues;
Fixed Header login z-index;
Fixed Header map loading issue;

Version 1.5


New feature Added geodirectory shortcodes as modules;
New feature New search layout for SkyDirectory version;
New feature Added an option to choose from image and standard markers;
Improvement Made GeoDirectory marker cluster add-on compatible;
New feature Relocated search fields on home page below map;
Fixed Listing animation issue;
Fixed Added GeoDirectory place setting field compatibility;

Learn how to update from v1.4 to 1.5 here

Version 1.4


Fixed Single listing map issue;
Fixed GeoDirectory advanced search filters plugin compatibility issues;
Fixed Added link to listing author dashboard;
Fixed Recent activities query;
Fixed Search functionality issue;

Version 1.3


New feature Added header video option;
Improvement Added loading effect for blog ajax;
Improvement Improvements for loading effect;
Improvement Replaced book now button with send message at SkyEstate version;
Improvement Relocated listing by container for sky directory;
Improvement Styled share block for sky directory;
Fixed Minor featured property module image issue;
Fixed Some responsiveness issues;
Fixed Search map loading width and height;
Fixed Blog post title;

Version 1.2


New feature Added "featured" ribbon for featured listings;
New feature Added author page for listing authors;
New feature Claim listing style;
New feature Added profile-editor;
New feature Added custom fields table at the end of open listing content;
Fixed Minor GeoDirectory related bugs;
Fixed Vimeo autoplay sound (mute);

Version 1.1


New feature Added vimeo video option for listings;
New feature If more than one picture added then show them as a carousel in featured listing module;
Fixed Fixed microdata for listings;
Fixed Responsiveness issues;
Fixed Fixed some GeoDirectory compatibility issues;
Fixed Mobile menu issue;
Fixed Minor color scheme issue;
Fixed Minor add listing issue

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