Top 20+ WordPress Music Themes For Musicians

WordPress is the most popular online platform for building websites. It is the patron of the artists, especially who are seeking to become a successful blogger and young entrepreneurs. It offers highly customizable and user-friendly, a blank slate to its users. Fortunately, regardless of your real occupation, a WordPress blog offers a competitive edge. So, if you own or seek to launch a music company, you will need a plethora of ingredients to become successful. One major amongst them will…

20+ Best WordPress Directory Themes

Are you looking to create a directory for a car dealership, real estate company, jobs site, businesses, professional services, daily deals or any other directory listing venture? If that's a resounding yes, we have collected 20+ of the best WordPress directory themes for your pleasure. We've handpicked this collection, ensuring all the themes are fully-featured, responsive and highly customizable to meet your needs. By the end of this list, you'll have the perfect WordPress directory theme to take your business…

WordPress Popup plugin

Popups is a great tool for marketers but you have to be smart to use them otherwise you will annoy the user and it will do more harm than good for you. You job is to generate leads and boost your online sales and that is the reason why we created Popup Manager which you can download here. Popup Manager is an advanced tool yet simple to use and in this article, I would like to introduce it to you. We…

Plugins and Workflows for Getting the Most Out of the WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress dashboard is your friend, yet sometimes you really want to punch that friend square in the face. Since you work in the dashboard so often, check out this ultimate guide on optimizing the WordPress dashboard for your own benefit.

Top 6 Tools To Help You Track Social Media Metrics From Within Your WordPress Dashboard

Keeping tabs on social media is an important part of running a website nowadays. Here you'll learn how to track social metrics from within the WordPress dashboard.

5 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Unless you want your website to exist in isolation -- hint: you don't -- you should try to make it as easy as possible for visitors to contact you. In fact, some online businesses will be driven exclusively by prospective clients reaching out to you, mine included. Then there's the general queries you will receive, which, while less important, help you build a stronger relationship with your readership. With this in mind, adding a contact form to your website is…

15+ of the Freshest Business Themes For WordPress

Every day, theme designers churn out new WordPress business themes, both free and premium. As such, you don’t have to get stuck with a stale theme for years. If you think it is time to give your website a new look or you’re building a brand new one, find inspiration from these fresh business themes for WordPress. Remember, themes are not all about looks. Many themes now come with lots of built-in options and features to enhance your website's functionality.…

15+ Beautiful WordPress Blogging Themes

Blogging with WordPress is vastly different than blogging on other platforms such as tumblr, blogger, etc. One of the biggest differences is the wide variety of powerful, flexibly, and incredibly well designed themes available to the WordPress community. In today's post I've gathered together just ten of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of beautiful WordPress blogging themes you can use with a WordPress blog. In particular, many of the themes I've collected below are magazine or news style blog themes with…

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Guide to Getting Started with WordPress

Twelve free easy-to-follow blog posts covering all the essentials every WordPress user needs to know.

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