Best Mailing List Services for WordPress Users

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Email marketing has always proved to be a blessing for digital marketers who woo for lasting customer relationship and better conversions. For many WordPress users, email has always been a cornerstone of success. Using it, they can effortlessly get the right content delivered to the right person, at the right time. Irrespective of whether you are a seasoned WordPress user or just a newbie- ensuring that your content would reach the recipient is the only way to convert visitors into regular readers.

If you are a WordPress user and looking for a reliable email marketing solution for your website, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, I have compiled a list of some best of breed email listing services, you can opt to as a WordPress user. The services listed below are quite reputed and known for their exceptionally great services when it comes to email marketing. By using them, you can give an edge to your list building abilities and get connect with your visitors instantly. So, without any further ado, let’s discuss about all of them in detail.

1. Mail Chimp

MailChimp is a renowned name in the realm of email marketing. It’s an exceptionally reliable service that offers outstanding features and options that are sure to appeal you. The company offers a free service till you reach 2,000 subscribers, which is quite impressive. However, free service doesn’t offer you as much as you’ll enjoy in premium services, so it would be an added advantage if you go for this one.

Being a dedicated email service provider, MailChimp provides you an efficient way to send tons of emails to your customers without the risk of annoying your hosting service provider and dropping your emails to spam. It also comes with a very attractive user interface and lets your users to connect with social networking pages easily. It also lets you add your own HTML email design or you can use some of its professionally designed templates. One of the key features of MailChimp is its reporting. The feature tells you the number of clicks received your emails received and also tells you whether your campaign is working or not. For those who are looking for a simple yet effective way to market their content, MailChimp is a great solution.

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2. Aweber

AWeber is yet another highly sought-after email marketing service out there. It’s a premium service with charges up to $1 for a month and then $19, with a limit up to 500 subscribers. AWeber is an ideal solution for anyone who is running multiple WordPress sites as they can easily split the number of subscribers to multiple sites. It comes complete with a range of highly attractive templates that simplify the process of creating visually stunning emails for your customers. It offers you an amazing flexibility to manage contacts and customize your templates.

Using AWeber with WordPress means you can conveniently track your subscribers. It gives you a detailed information including, who opened your emails, the revenue generated by each message, number of people who unsubscribed after reading your mails, and so on.

AWeber also offers you with a range of helpful plugins that can be integrated with WordPress to help you gain better results. In short, AWeber is an ingenious mail listing service that has everything you need to grow your email marketing.

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3. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is an online email marketing service provider that makes it easy for you to manage your email marketing campaigns. It allows you send transactional emails and SMS to grab your visitors’ attention.

What makes SendinBlue truly standout is its ability to provide free membership. It’s feature-rich too, however there are only two limitations.

• You are only allowed to send 9,000 emails per month
• The newsletter builder is only available for 60 days.

In addition, it also has a very simple and fast registration process. All you need is just enter a company name, email address, and password. The interface also looks very neat and clean, there are no distractions or confusing elements.

How much SendingBlue costs?

As discussed already, it has a free plan which is quite good in terms of features, however if you want to experiment something better, then you have two more service packages. First, we have Micro plan that is somewhere near to the free plan with just a bit of added features. Another plan that we have is Bronze, where you’ll actually find some interesting options. There is also a Gold plan which offers you a dedicated IP. So, you can choose any one of them accordingly.

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To Conclude

All said and done, the above mentioned email list services are superior choices, providing timely and customized emails to your target audience. They are simply superb and robust enough to keep your subscribers engaged in the best possible manner.


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