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Ariel is a blogger and freelance writer for hire. She enjoys watching SpongeBob re-run, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and eating way more cookies than she should.
Ariel Rule
Brenda is a writer from southern California. Her work has appeared on sites like Elegant Themes, WPMU DEV, and VentureBeat. She also blogs at Digital Inkwell about the life of a freelance blogger.
Brenda Barron
Freddy is a blogger, web developer and founder of Vistamedia, Inc., a nice place dedicated to WordPress-based businesses looking to boost conversion rates using effective web content.
Joe is a writer, WordPress nut, and adventure seeker. He helps people write, learn about WordPress and embrace their lives through creativity. You can find him riding his bike around Chicago or sharing on his blog, Write With Warnimont.
Joe Warnimont
Nathan is a professional writer and digital publisher. He's been using and writing about WordPress since 2010 and enjoys supplying useful WordPress news, reviews, tips, tricks, and tutorials.
Nathan B. Weller
Shaun Quarton is a freelance blogger from the UK, with a passion for online entrepreneurship, content marketing, and all things WordPress.
Shaun Quarton