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With a private and fenced salt-water swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and lots of amenities, this Provence rental villa is the ideal French country retreat.
Pamper yourself at this sunny Provence villa or explore the surrounding countryside, scattered with picturesque towns and villages all around the central hub of Avignon. However you spend your holiday at this Provence villa, it’s sure to be filled with elegance, romance, and just plain fun. Looking for a villa with an extra perk? A gift basket of fruits, juices, and flowers will be waiting for you when you arrive!


Philadelphia has more outdoor sculpture than any other American city, yet this extensive collection often goes unnoticed. This program is intended to reveal the distinct stories behind each of these works, that have become visual white noise for so many of the city residents and visitors.

In the audio program for the sculpture Iroquois, listeners will hear a first-person account from Mark di Suvero, the artist himself, who discusses the abstract sculpture and its open shapes that invite public interaction and viewing from multiple angles. I think that in order to experience [Iroquois] … you have to walk in through the piece, you have to have it all the way around you and at that moment, you can feel what that sculpture can do, says di Suvero. Lowell McKegney, di Suvero construction manager and longtime friend, compares the sculpture to music and encourages listeners to appreciate it in the same way.

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Address: 7 Rue Polonceau
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